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About Me

Hello dear guest!  
My name is Elina Presnyakova. I am a successful architect, designer and innovator. I won more than 30 different international competitions in the fields of design, architecture and innovation.
Among the most interesting are : 
Coca Cola       https://coca-cola.jovoto.com/ideas/19360
BMW ( private competion)
Kraft Foods    http://www.chocolate-lovers-contest.com/static_site.php?ID=32 
Jean Paul Gaultier https://en.eyeka.com/contests/7231-jean-paul-gaultier/results
Line Cali http://modus.ua/assortiment/dvernie-ruchki-na-rozetke/linea-cali/1200-ruchka-na-rozetke-stream-linea-cali


Fashion and fabric design have always been my passion.

This project is the embodiment of my dream.  It could not be possible without  help and support of my friends and very nice people.
I want to say  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to the help and support of

Tatyana Shevchenko,

Susan Zachariah,

Olesya Tarasenko,

Korovchenko Anastasia,

Dmitry Lysenko,

Anton Zielinski 

my project had succeed